9 huge blessings credited to a righteous man

A man who places his trust in the completed work of Christ is declared righteous by the Lord. Like Abraham, his faith is credited to him with the status of righteousness. From Psalm 112, we can put together a list of blessings that goes with every righteous man.

#1 A righteous man finds true joy and contentment in following God’s ways. He is not easily fooled or swayed by worldly desires, but daily confronts them due to his human nature. The fear of the Lord does not cause trepidation, because in that fear he receives knowledge and wisdom. In fear, there is respect. In respect, there is acknowledgement that God is God and he is not.

#2 The children of a righteous man will stand strong. Grounded in the Word and buoyed by a spirit-filled example, children will fight against the current of popular opinion and be a voice in the next generation. They will be a pillar of wisdom that many will look to and admire.

#3 A righteous man will receive great wealth and riches in his house. A righteous man is content with what the Lord provides. Like the man with ten talents, he will invest God’s money wisely. He will not allow the world to define his wealth, for he knows that he is already a very rich man. He will not covet his neighbor’s toys or be influenced by savvy marketing blitzes. He is far more interested in receiving treasures in heaven that can only come through righteousness.

#4 The graciousness and compassion of a righteous man towards others returns to him tenfold. Like a new dawn that awakens the darkness, a righteous man shines bright in the looming darkness of judgment. His grace towards others is a reflection of his confidence in Christ. He does not feel the need to impress others, for his identity lies in Christ. And people take notice. In many ways, the gracious demeanor of a righteous man is largely unknown to him. He may not be aware of the reaping he receives from what he has sown – because it’s just who he is.

#5 A righteous man’s generosity towards others reaps dividends beyond measure. He knows that good always comes for those who are not afraid to lend their resources to others. They know that good things come and goals are achieved when they take the time to help people achieve their own goals. They embrace justice and conduct their day-to-day lives with honesty and candor. This generosity is what builds a good name – which is far more precious than gold.

#6 A righteous man will be remembered forever. Their seeds are planted in the next generation. They are not afraid to stop family cycles that have caused harm and dysfunction, but start new cycles that are based on God’s wisdom. They plant the seeds of how to make good decisions that lasts throughout generations. They understand that their life is but a mist that dissipates slowly after they are gone, but have confidence that their names will be remembered forever in the heavenly realms.

#7 A righteous man never fears bad news. They smile in the face of adversity for they trust God’s hand and recognize the opportunities that come from discipline and strife. Difficult circumstances are gifts from God to grow and be strengthened in their faith. His heart will remain steadfast and secure. He acknowledges the finish and claims victory in Christ when all appears lost.

#8 A righteous man receives immense satisfaction by scattering his gifts among the poor.  He is not afraid to part with financial resources, but also realizes that there are things far more important than earthly treasures. He is not afraid to scatter the seeds of the gospel to the poor in spirit. He will use his gifts of the spirit to advance God’s kingdom and bring as many people to heaven as possible. And by doing so, he will reap no greater satisfaction in this life.

#9 A righteous man is heaven-focused with the seal of redemption in his hands. He looks to the end of his days like watching the sun dip into the west. Only in heaven will he be lifted up in honor. The pursuit of fame and glory to be found on earth pales in comparison to the day when his righteousness will endure forever. Hope will be well worth the wait versus the man of wickedness who will eventually come to the stark realization that all his efforts and longings have come to nothing. A righteous man is different, holy, and set apart.

His name endures forever because his name and identity is in Christ alone. What is greater in this life than to have these blessings?

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