3 Answers to Preserve Our Life when Confronting Life’s Storms

When fears rise up like an angry storm, who can we turn to for help?

Like a gnawing presence that often fails to identify itself, fears often dissipate when we muster the courage to acknowledge them.

Hiding in the shadows. Lurking like a mirage in the distance. We trudge through life by whistling in the dark, distracting ourselves with fleeting pleasures that only cloak our feeble attempt to conquer the fears in our life.

Who can I trust? Where can I run?

It is our nature to plant stakes in the ground. We like to claim ownership of what we think is rightfully ours.

We just want a little corner in this world that we can call our own. To be identified. To be acknowledged. To find peace.

But the storms in life create havoc – uprooting our stakes, forfeiting our claims, exposing us for who we really are — naked and alone.

“Preserve my life!” we call out at the height of life’s storm when fear threatens to toss us overboard into the murky waters below.

“Where does your help come from?” the psalmist asks.

For those who have placed their trust in someone outside of themselves, who is defined by their future and not their past, who has been set apart from this world and declared holy by God, they will say, “It comes from the Lord.”

My help depends on where I place my stakes in the ground.

Trusting in self is like pounding stakes in the sand. This shelter may provide temporary relief from the sun and the wind, but it will have no chance against a Pacific storm.

Trusting in Christ means pounding stakes into the hard ground of his promises. They stick. They remain firm. They provide a foundation that can withstand the harshest of life’s storms.

How can we feel safe and secure when the storms of life threaten? What can we turn to when fears well up inside us? The Lord has given us three bedrocks to pound our stakes — three answers to preserve our life.

  1. We preserve our life in God’s grace according to his laws. (Psalm 119:149)

God’s commands are good. His Word does not necessarily tell us what to do — but who to be. Driving our stake into the bedrock of His grace means to remain in Christ. Being connected to His Spirit produces fruits of the Spirit that joyfully displays a life that embraces His Word.

  1. We preserve our life in God’s grace according to His promises. (Psalm 119:154)

The object of our faith is Christ and not in ourselves. We trust His completed work on our behalf. By faith alone, we receive all the benefits of what Christ already won for us. The eternal promises of grace grants us hope, peace, and assurance that can wait out any storm.

  1. We preserve our life in God’s grace according to his love. (Psalm 119:159)

Perfect love drives out fear. Out of perfect love, God sent his Son. Out of perfect love, God preserves us, claims us as His own, and declares us forgiven. Driving our stake in the bedrock of his grace, we receive his perfect love that drives out all fears. (1 John 4:18)

Like unwelcome guests who arrive at the most inconvenient hour, fears can become regular visitors at our doorstep. We don’t have to invite them inside. God embraces our fears for us. He tells us to unload these unwelcome guests on His doorstep. He will invite them in so that we may have peace.

Where does my help come from? It comes from the Lord. We can fully trust in Him.

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