Evangelism for Introverts

The thought of sharing our faith with others typically causes fear to clutch the throats of most Christians. Guilt will often plague the consciences for those who recall the number of missed opportunities to spread the gospel.

For introverts like myself, climbing the mountain of evangelism can seem insurmountable. We are prone to deem ourselves as lost causes when Jesus asks us to seek the lost.

But this does not have to be the case. Evangelism is not just for extroverts.

The message and the inspiration to spread it begins with grace and ends with forgiveness.

The Lord blesses good intentions to share the gospel, because He is the one who plants that desire in our hearts. His grace removes the burdens and self-imposed barriers that paralyzes our tongue and shades our eyes from divine opportunities to proclaim the message of salvation.

In place of guilt, God reseeds our soul with joy.

In place of dread, God replants with peace.

In place of fear, God harvests love.

In time, the fields of an introvert’s soul can overflow with the fruits of His Spirit. By receiving His knowledge and wisdom, we come to the realization that sharing our faith with others is not about ourselves, but the life of Christ in us. We are transformed into a vessel used by God despite our leaks – all for His glory.

Introverts are often the best evangelists because they methodically and thoughtfully have come to the conclusion that they cannot begin to share the gospel without God’s help. And that is where God want us to be – relying on Him.

The Apostle Paul understood this. He struggled with timidity. He asked for thorns to be removed. He recognized his inadequacies and was willing to confess them openly.

His power to share the gospel rested on Christ alone. His courage relied on the Spirit. He rejected the notion that he was a prisoner of doubt and fear, but asked God to break those chains. By relying on His Spirit, he received power, love, and self-discipline (2 Tim. 1:7).

With this knowledge, we can come to the following conclusions on what it means to be God’s messengers:

  • An evangelist does not rely on their natural gifts or personality to spread the Good News, but places their confidence solely on Christ.
  • An evangelist is not about who they are, but who Christ is.
  • An evangelist does not concentrate on the masses, nor are overwhelmed by it. They model Jesus by concentrating on that one lost sheep among the hundred. They pray for that one whom God has placed in their lives. They seek to establish a connection, a helping hand, an act of love to let that soul know they are a source to be trusted. They patiently seek to plant the seeds of the gospel and allow God to harvest according to His timetable. They are lovingly relentless, faithfully expectant, and eternally hopeful.

A quiet soul that finds energy and refreshment in their own contemplation and solitude is the type of person God desperately needs in today’s noisy world. There is a lost soul needing your attention, prayers, and conviction. The faith of an introvert is a mustard seed ready to be planted. What appears so small is massive in the eyes of God.

Perhaps it time to sow those seeds.

10 Comments on “Evangelism for Introverts

    • There is hope and encouragement for introverts — and perhaps the same encouragement can be used for all Christians.

  1. This is a wonderful post! What many introverts forget is that spreading the gospel doesn’t always have to mean spreading it by word of mouth, which can be terrifying to them. There are many introvert writers who do their best speaking through their keyboard. We are each given talents from God to use for the advancement of His kingdom. It’s just a matter of whether or not we recognize and embrace those talents. By the way that this post is quite well written you have obviously embraced yours.

    • Thank you very much, Carrie. As an introvert, I always felt pressure to change and be more like an extrovert to be successful. Perhaps I felt that same pressure to share the gospel. But as I am finding out, proclaiming the message of salvation is far more about Christ than myself — and it is He who gives me the boldness, strength, the words, and the opportunity. And thank you very much for your kind compliment — it is something I have been working over the past several months. Blessings to you.

  2. What great words of encouragement for us who are unsure of what to say, and will find the words and strength to say the right words. As you said, it is not about us, but about Christ. Happy Easter!

    • Thank you, Judy. Often, the right words are found after jumping off the diving board of uncertainty. Again, this come from the Holy Spirit who not only gives us the words to say, but also the boldness to speak (Acts 4:29). A blessed Easter.

  3. Judy, your comment about missed opportunities hits me so hard…and also the fact that I feel that way too often I haven’t even seen the opportunities which God has placed before me…that is just as bad. I have to continue to pray for the wisdom to see those opportunities and then the words to speak. Thank you, Dave, for the continued encouragement to all of us. Happy Easter to all the TILM missionaries.

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