5 Evangelism Tips to Help Christians with Imperfect Memories

I wonder what it is like to have a perfect memory.

It’s frustrating to forget names so quickly. I hate walking into a room and forget why I came. If activities for the day are not quickly written down, they will be lost in the foggy recesses of my forgetful mind.

Instead of a steel trap, my brain is more like an open window.

A perfect memory would remember names and remind me of important tasks. A perfect memory could bring me peace and comfort in knowing that all the details are in place.

But I wonder… if my desire for a perfect memory would be a curse instead.

Every offense, unkind remark, and misguided deed would be forever etched in my mind. Every heartache and disappointment — every failure that still stings – could have a crippling effect. With a perfect memory, forgetfulness would then be a blessing.

Our Lord is the only One has a perfect memory. He knows all our misguided deeds. He remembers every offense. Every word and thought is forever etched in the mind of God.

Out of perfect love, God perfectly forgets. He remembers our sins and transgressions no more. As far as the east is from the west, as high as the mountains over the earth. “I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.”  (Isaiah 43:25) Trusting God’s promises in Christ receives God’s forgetfulness of our sins. We receive peace by knowing that He will remember us in heaven.

Resting in God’s promises helps Christians to counteract guilt, fear, or memory lapses when the Lord grants us opportunities to share His Word with others.

A renewed life in Christ is not about us. The role of being God’s messengers is not about us either. Too often, we focus on our feebleness rather than God’s strength when confronted with the prospect of sharing our faith with others.

To be God’s ambassador in sharing the Good News is not just remembering what to say, but recalling who you are – a saint in Christ.

Christians often focus their entire energy on trying to remember what verses to say or putting together a staunch defense to validate the truth of the Bible. Perhaps we need to give attention to reaching out with love and sincerity, and rely on God and His perfect memory by asking Him to give us the appropriate words to say.

Here are Five Evangelism Tips to Help Christians with Imperfect Memories

  1. Remember the law and the gospel of John 3:16

This is an easy verse to remember. We share not only God’s love but also the reason why He sent His one and only Son. God rescued us from perishing as a result of our sins. Because of Christ, we receive the status of worthiness and perfection.

  1. Always go back to what Christ has already done for you – and make it personal.

We don’t major on the minors, but always bring back any discussion to what Christ has already won for us on the cross. A perfect memory recalls great victories rather than stunning defeats.

  1. Be real and confess a poor memory.

Let’s not try and pretend who we are not. People today are looking for sincerity. Christian catch-phrases can come across as phony if we don’t back it up with love and honesty. If we can’t remember a verse, or don’t know what to say, ask God. And if words still do not come, we honestly confess that too. God honors those who step out in faith – even when we don’t feel prepared.

  1. Pray for a specific person rather than try to be a missionary to the masses.

Prayer is powerful and effective. Begin praying for that one person in your life who does not know Christ.  Ask for opportunities and the Lord will provide.

  1. Remember God’s perfect memory and forgetfulness.

You are forgiven. Your guilt has been removed. You have been set free. Remember God’s opinion of our self and our status, rather than relying on our own opinion. Out of thankfulness for God’s perfect memory and His forgetfulness, we are inspired to share that wonderful gospel message with others.

3 Comments on “5 Evangelism Tips to Help Christians with Imperfect Memories

  1. This is such an encouraging article, Dave. Thanks so much for these simple reminders. I especially like #3!!

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