Defining God’s Presence is Like the Air We Breathe

A promise is given to all who have placed their trust in His Name.

If our time on earth is just a breath compared to eternity, can we grasp the biblical encouragement, “in just a little while?”

And when that time comes, when the veil is lifted and Christ appears, when a new heaven and a new earth come into existence, how should I measure my days?

“And surely I am with you always until the very end of the age.”  (Matthew 28:20)

Every moment. Every hour. God is with us.

Each day ordained for every soul is etched on a blueprint waiting to be built. His purpose. His plan. His commission.

No matter where we are — no matter where we have come — He is with us. This is the promise a believer trusts. We breathe in His presence. Invisible to the eye, we believe He is there. Like oxygen that fills our lungs, we take it for granted until its no longer there.

Oxygen is a commodity far more valuable when you are under water.

Jumping off the diving board and into the pool below, we become conscious of the lack of air. Our lungs hold on to the oxygen that remains. We struggle to keep our breath. We become desperate to hold on until our body breaks the surface of the water. Gulping and gasping, we are brought back into the presence of air.

We are rescued. We can breathe. We are in His grasp.

We drink in His presence until life becomes normal again. In the state of rescue, in the status of being in His arms, in the security of limitless air, we breathe. We have faith. We are safe.

In just a little while.

Oh, it would be nice to have obvious reminders of God’s presence. God has a way of pinching our nose. He allows difficult circumstances into our life and calls it discipline. Only when we grasp for air, can we begin to recognize its value.

God continually reminds us in His Word that the invitation is always open to be aware of His presence. He asks us to pray continuously for this is His will. He invites us to worship with fellow believers and be encouraged. We open His Word and drink in the Living Water.

Perhaps it just means taking a few moments, a few minutes even, to breath in the Spirit of God and openly welcome His ongoing presence in our lives. Like the air we breathe is readily available to us with every inhale, God is readily available at every moment of our life.


I am not my own

My sinful flesh…

selfishly pursues power over love,

seeks control over trust,

invites worry over hope.

Who am I in this world?  A world that offers so much yet delivers so little.

Am I just a tiny speck?  Am I a bit of dust that blows away at the slightest breeze?

Do I strain to be remembered, be recognized, be acknowledged, yet for what gain? Will I not be forgotten by those whom I will never meet — future generations that spot my name on a family tree.

Who am I in this age? Do I fall for false glory promised but never found.

Who am I on this day? Am I worth more than a sparrow? Will I be defined by tomorrow or forged by the past?

Am I truly what God tells me?

I am a man, created above;
Forged for a purpose, guided by love.
I am who I am, defined in His eyes:
As perfect, forgiven, and worthy of the prize.
A hope, His promise, is my life and my home;
My days are defined, thank you, I am not my own.

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