Invitations to Discover the Heart of God

A group of Christians courageously came together on Saturday morning to go and proclaim the gospel. Whenever you go door-to-door, you never know what to expect.

The gospel message was delivered in the neighborhoods surrounding Messiah Lutheran Church in Nampa, Idaho. They went out in pairs to knock on doors to introduce their church to the community, but also introduce Christ through His Word.


The invitation given at the door is to discover the heart of God. We ask people at the door if there are times when they wonder about their relationship with God. We may ask, “Where do you think you stand with God? Are there times when we are burdened by guilt, feeling rejected, or simply allow the busyness of life to be so overwhelming that we just don’t consider our spiritual life?”

Using these questions, we invite people to consider discovering the heart of God.

There is nothing we can do that can change God’s heart. He has a passion to forgive all of our sins, to pursue reconciliation – to relieve burdens caused by guilt.

Out of His great love for us, God formally acquits all people from their sins because of Jesus’ completed payment of their debt. He tells us, “I have forgiven you! Believe!”

Trust God’s promises. Take Him at His Word. Discover the benefits and the blessings of a restored relationships with God and experience a life of joy and peace.

When we take the time to discover the heart of God, we discover that He initiates full forgiveness – it is He who pursues reconciliation – it is He who restores joy and peace.

Know the heart of God and receive His love and forgiveness.

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When going door-to-door to invite people to discover the heart of God, you never know what to expect. There are a number of people who are not home. A few people will choose not to answer. But most people are very kind and gracious. If they are not interested in speaking with us, they will politely decline our message. It’s rare when you come across a rude person.

We knocked on one door and a very large man answered the door. With long, dark hair sprinkled with gray and a scraggly beard, the man seemed to take up the entire doorframe and stood before us wearing a stained white tank top and orange shorts. When he opened the door and stared menacingly back at us, my partner mustered enough courage to say, “Hi!” and all I could say was, “Whoa.”

My partner began telling the man who we are and tnhe message about discovering the heart of God. The man simply stared back. He seemed to take in the message. When we were done, he calmly thanked us and told us that he really appreciated our words. He couldn’t stay at the door and talk more, but took the invitation we gave him without complaint.

I have learned that you can never pre-judge a person’s interest based on the condition of a house, the yard, or even my first impression of the individual who stands before me. A soul’s readiness to hear the gospel does not depend on how they look. It is only after you share a gospel message and extend an invitation to discover the heart of God that the true heart of a soul is revealed.

The Lord sets aside divine appointments to plant the seeds of the gospel. Most of the time, a Christian will never know the condition of the soil. We are called to be the good, faithful farmer and indiscriminately spread those seeds. In the meantime, we take joy in the sowing and trust that God will use those seeds to produce an abundant harvest.


Plenty of seeds were planted in the soil surrounding Messiah Lutheran Church in Nampa, Idaho. While we rest from a day of work, the Lord begins His work.

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  1. Loved the description of the “whoa” man! Such a good reminder that we are not to prejudge a person’s reaction or response to the Gospel. What an encouragement this article is to me! Thanks for sharing.

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