The One Secret for a Christian to Prosper

Our human nature gravitates towards what is fleeting in this world. Comfort, security, and contentment dominate our thoughts and inspire our pursuits. Like wisps of fog that gather on ocean beaches in the morning — burning off with the rising sun — our yearnings, dreams, and desires arise each day – prompting worry, delaying contentment, never defining what is truly important.

What does it mean to prosper? What is the one secret that satisfies those inner longings?

The things our human nature craves dissipates in importance when confronted with the one secret to prosper in today’s world.


“In everything that he undertook in the service of God’s temple and in obedience to the law and the commands, he sought his God and worked wholeheartedly. And so he prospered.” (2 Chronicles 31:21)

Prosperity begins by taking self out of the picture. It must mean relinquishing dreams and desires, prayers and concerns, and removing the idolization of our wisdom, our status, and our needs that are carnal in nature.

Instead of serving our self, we focus on serving the Lord.


That is faithfulness. And that is how God allows us to prosper.

“Of all the virtues, faithfulness is the least remarkable, since by its nature it so seldom calls attention to itself. It just does what it does, day in and day out, with no great trumpet to announce its presence. Only when it is lacking do people take notice.” (Paul Wendland)

Prosperity seems to be more of a lifestyle rather than a destination. It is an attitude rather than a pursuit.

It means scattering the seeds of self onto the hard-packed trail of worldly success, that many people travel, but rarely arrive. And by allowing those seeds to die, we connect ourselves fully to the Vine, trusting completely that we will prosper.

Faith re-defines what it means to prosper.

It has little to do with riches and worldly success, and everything to do with the fulfillment of being used by God.

For some, it could be leading thousands to a great victory on the battlefield. For many, it could be the quiet victories that go completely unnoticed. In each case, they are divine appointments to serve a specific task, to fully exercise spiritual gifts, to fully engage in a task set apart exclusively for that faithful servant that is willing and ready.

And in that service, we prosper.

The Lord has lovingly provided opportunities to learn the fruits of patience by exercising discipline in my life. Painfully removing and correcting thoughts and attitudes that had little to do with true prosperity and everything to do with promoting self-interests.

When the Lord corrects my vision and prescribes a new pair of eyeglasses, I have a greater focus and understanding on how to best exercise my faith. It is not just having a willing heart, but fine-tuning my senses in being aware of opportunities to share my faith with others. And these opportunities are not necessarily what I generate, but what God appoints. It is in this attitude of service that we Witness Well.

And in that service, we prosper.

Trusting Christ brings us on an adventure that nothing on this earth can provide

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