Conquering Fear in Evangelism by Trusting God’s Promise

“The Lord is with you, mighty warrior!” (Judges 6:12)

These words are a declaration – a promise – that God set apart one man to carry out an important task – one that he could never do on his own.

Plenty of valid excuses are given. Unqualified. Unimportant. Gideon was a follower, not a leader. He could easily justify bowing out. After allowing Gideon to test His promises, a reluctant leader was set apart for an important task.

A lack of trust precipitates fear. The threat of physical harm is one thing, but the emotional harm of placing ourselves in the spotlight of rejection and ridicule is often a deterrent to taking risks.

When God sets apart Christians to carry out an important task, it usually requires a high level of trust that absorbs all of our heart and soul.

For this reason, an angel of the Lord was sent to Gideon to share a message of great encouragement. “God is with you, mighty warrior.”

These words of promise are also given to us.

The Lord has given a task – a commission – to every believer who have been set apart and made holy through the blood of Christ. In God’s wisdom and purpose, He uses people to transmit the message of the gospel to others.

It is a mission that seems too difficult. It is a task that strikes fear in the hearts of most. And like Gideon, valid reasons are given to excuse ourselves. Unqualified. Unprepared. Unavailable.

Sharing our faith seems like a mountain too high to climb or a vast army too difficult to conquer. It all depends upon our perception.

Our human eyes look out into the world and sees disinterest, hostility, or potential embarrassment in sharing the gospel. But Christ sees the world much differently.

When peering out and seeing the multitudes of lost sheep, Jesus weeps.

When observing the masses coming to him with all of their needs, Jesus issues a call.

“The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few.”

Sometimes it is hard to take Jesus at His Word. Is the harvest truly plentiful? Do lost sheep really desire to be found

It seems that for the past two thousand years, the workers have always been few.

That should not be a deterrent, because God has a history of doing his best work with only just a few. The story of Gideon is a great example.

A total of 32,000 Israelite men showed up to fight for Gideon, but there were too many men. The Lord answered, “Anybody who trembles with fear may turn back,” and twenty-two thousand packed their bags and went home. The rest of the army arrived at a creek to drink water and the Lord only took 300 who lapped with hands to their mouth.

The Lord provided a great, miraculous victory with a few faithful men.

When people accept God’s commission to share the gospel they become one of a few. They conquer fear. They look to Christ and are faithful. They simply follow the Lord’s desire for all His children proclaim His Word and trust His promise that He will be with them.

One of the greatest joys of sharing the gospel is to experience God delivering on His promises that He is with us. Our faith takes on a whole new dynamic.

Trust and proclaim!

“The Lord is with you, mighty warriors!”


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