Proclaiming the gospel in Mt Horeb WI

Mt Horeb is growing bedroom community outside the metropolitan area of Madison. While keeping to its small-town roots and a main street that reflects its past, new homes are emerging in former pastures where farmers grew corn and raised livestock. Located only twenty miles from state capitol building, this is a perfect place to plant a new church.

Good News Lutheran started six years ago and now has a baptized membership of almost one hundred and fifty souls. Praise and Proclaim Ministries was blessed to launch an outreach initiative with the pastor at Good News, Rev. Jonathan Bauer, and members of the congregation on May 30 to June 2nd.

The Lord smiled his face upon this initiative in several ways.

2 Comments on “Proclaiming the gospel in Mt Horeb WI

  1. Great approach Dave. It’s all about relationships.
    How does anyone take you seriously if you haven’t established a relationship; unless maybe your a police officer.
    Community event with participants of local restaurants, great idea.
    Need a follow-up report.
    Not your typical WELS outreach program. Good for you and Good News Congregation.

    • Thank you, Don. Appreciate your comment. I’m also very interested to see how the “Taste of Mt Horeb” goes on June 21st. I would like to keep posted. It’s one of those ideas that you just try and see what happens. Then, all of a sudden, it works! I hope that is the case for Good News. The church is doing a great job with outreach and the Lord is blessing their efforts.

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