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Witness Well

Fuel for the Weekend

Mormon missionaries came to my house last week and invited me to watch a Christmas message on-line. Entitled “The First Gift of Christmas,” this short two and half minute You Tube video gives a heartwarming message that attempts to incorporate John 3:16.  (

Twelve benefits the Lord gives during times of spiritual darkness

One of the greatest blessings God gives us is His presence. We are given the promise that Christ lives in us – by which  we are sustained, strengthened, and bear fruit for His glory. Too often, however, we get in the way. Our sinful pride suffocates God’s presence and Self reigns instead of His glory. In God’s wisdom and love, He prunes our lives to remove the dead branches so that we may bear abundant fruit. God chooses to discipline us out of His great love.

Will there be nametags in heaven?

When I appear in the heavenly realms and receive the crown of glory, I wonder if Jesus will need to stand up and introduce me?

Fuel for the Weekend

The Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday is over.  Another Black Friday is in the records.  I have a suggestion for another day to add to this week.

Slumber Saturday.

Fuel for the Weekend

While visiting my father and mother-in-law in Minnesota, we were starting to reminisce on how God works in our lives.

Burrows and Bereans

A burrow and two goats now live on the other side of the fence behind our house. I am enjoying having them back there – talking to them when I’m in the back yard, hearing the goats bleat, watching their activity. One of the first nights the burrow was back there, it must have been sleeping by the fence. Our neighbor pulled out of his garage to go to work early in the morning before sunrise and his truck startled the poor burrow.