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The best secret to a meaningful prayer life

If God was sitting across from you right now, what would he be saying to you?

How a Christian answers this question may reflect the quality of their prayer life.

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Do not be afraid – Do not fear

I am a person who likes to have all my ducks in a row – I pack early for a trip, I meal plan and make my grocery list accordingly, I like math because I can find an answer, before my kids leave for college or end their visit home, I plan when I’ll see them again – I want to know, I need that assurance.  When I don’t know – when I don’t have that assurance – my natural tendency is to worry.  And what is worry but fear – fear of the unknown.

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Teachable lesson from a rude neighbor

We were having a string of many days of temperatures over 100 degrees. The only time to take our dog out for a walk is in the earlier morning before the temps get too warm. I have been getting up, eating breakfast, and then taking the dog for a walk. Most people have left for work or are still sleeping, so it is a nice quiet walk.

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Inspired by my parents to pray for the lost

Sometimes God allows circumstances in the lives of loved ones that causes us to reflect on those relationships.

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What a conversation with God looks like when He does all the talking

Prayer is a vehicle God uses to transport us from weakness to strength, from timidity to boldness, from self-absorption to self-denial. It is through prayer that are eyes are opened to the lost, our ears are attune to opportunities, and our hearts are courageous to step out of our comfort zones and trust God’s promises.

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