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Praise and Proclaim Ministries is Launched!

Witness Well is pleased to announce the launching of Praise and Proclaim Ministries!

Dave Malnes, the author of the Witness Well blog, gives thanks to God and is thrilled about the prospect of providing wonderful opportunities for Christians to receive a transforming experience by learning how to actively share the gospel with others in their community. [Visit for more information.]

How wildflowers teach us three spiritual lessons in the darkness of winter

Several inches of new snow has fallen overnight.  I look out the window and see our lamp on the front lawn stick its head out of our rose bush to give light. This is the scene that the most hearty of Christmas enthusiasts long for. I’m one of those strange men that enjoy shoveling snow when its fresh on the driveway and sidewalk. No footprints. No traffic in the early morning darkness. Just the muffled silence.

With warm breath steaming out of mouth in the frigid air, I’m reminded of the season. The barren trees. The empty garden. Nothing. Now is not the time to plant seeds. It’s a season of waiting.