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Witness Well

Proclaiming the gospel in Chattanooga

The greatest source of peace for those who trust in God’s promises is that our Savior is a living hope. That could be a great name for a new church.  And I think that Rev. Eric Melso would agree.

He should know because he talked to hundreds of people in Chattanooga, TN who were given a chance to pick the name of the new church. He and his wife, Jenn, knocked on doors and sponsored booths at community events. The people they met even voted on the new church logo. The new mission start became Living Hope Lutheran Church and held its first worship service last fall at a popular movie theatre in Hamilton Place.

With great anticipation, Praise and Proclaim Ministries arrived during Palm Sunday weekend to launch an outreach initiative and provide training for members to learn how to plant seeds of the gospel through proclaiming his Word.

The New Ulm Adventure

Would you go canvassing in a blizzard?

That was the dilemma facing Martin Luther College.  Praise and Proclaim was invited to come to New Ulm on April 10th in conjunction with E-Day Action Day to provide evangelism training for students. The invitation to participate was also given to members from the two local WELS congregations — St. Paul and St. John’s Lutheran Church. A major component of the training included going out door-to-door to proclaim the message of salvation throughout New Ulm.

The challenge was a major winter storm expecting to arrive at the same time. We knew it was coming. It was just a matter of when and how fierce it would be.

We asked the Lord to provide a window of opportunity to go out and put our training into action, but this was going to be his call.

Praise and Proclaim launches outreach initiative in Wausau WI

Records are meant to be broken.

Praise and Proclaim Ministries had the privilege of partnering with St. Peter Lutheran Church in Schofield, WI to launch our forty-third outreach initiative since our gospel ministry started in 2016.

Established in 1902, St. Peter Lutheran in Schofield ( has over eight hundred baptized members and a K-8 school. To continue to reach out to the community, the congregation established Key to Life Christian Childcare and Community Center in nearby Weston.

Praise and Proclaim launches outreach initiative in Riverside CA

With extreme snowy conditions blanketing much of the northern half of the U.S., arriving to warm, sunny California is not a bad place to be in February. With temperatures in the 60’s all week, it was a lovely time to go outside and proclaim the message of salvation.

Praise and Proclaim Ministries received an invitation to come to Crown of Life Lutheran Church to launch an outreach initiative. This multi-church ministry has four campuses in Riverside, Corona, Victorville, and Yucaipa. This initiative was being held in conjunction with the semi-annual western region board of home missions meeting held in Riverside.

Starting spiritual conversations by dealing with disappointment

Disappointment hurts.

Not just an everyday disappointment – but ones that hit you in the gut when you least expect it.

The kind of pain that takes you to your knees – and keeps you there.

A best friend betrays you.

An adult child makes terrible life choices.

A spouse breaks their promise.

The loss of a job.

The pain of disappointment is at its sharpest when trust is violated or aspirations come to a screeching halt.

And that can have a major effect on our relationship with God.

Praise and Proclaim launches outreach initiative in Escondido CA

When palm trees are part of the landscape in February, you know that the prospects of warm weather are high. For those visiting from the north, it can be a welcome respite to shed winter jackets and mufflers for light jackets and sunscreen.

This was the setting in Escondido, CA to launch an outreach initiative at Ascension Lutheran Church on February 8-10, 2019.

Pain can be an entry point to start spiritual conversations

Redeemed souls who believe in Jesus Christ are not immune to pain.

Doctors can prescribe medication and counselors can provide emotional healing.

But pain doesn’t go away easily.

Chronic discomfort or emotional turmoil can cause any person to desperately seek answers and solutions.

Believing in Christ means trusting that God knows our pain. Our greater good is his greatest desire. Faith accepts unanswered questions and patiently endures in Christ’s enduring love until that time when all pain dissipates forever at Jesus’ feet.

Trusting in God’s promises helps manage pain.

Here are three ways that all believers can use pain as an entry point to begin talking about Christ and his promises:

Starting spiritual conversations with prayer

Be still and know that God is God and I am not.

Be quiet and listen to his promises.

Stillness and quiet are adequate descriptions of contemplative prayer. It’s more about what we receive from God rather than what we give him. It’s more about his voice that resonates in our hearts rather than giving him our voice.