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Demanding Evidence of God’s Presence

Because of God’s presence and goodness in this world, people can be good. Every good thing that exists in this world is a result of God. For those who insist on taking credit for their good works, God gives a stern warning about this spiritual sense of entitlement. Read more


Extending mercy and grace through unsuspecting circumstances

In his profound mercy, the Lord uses unsuspecting circumstances to lead souls to the truth of the gospel. He can even use an eleven-year-old boy and an invitation to attend a piano recital at a church. Read more


How the Wizard of Oz Helps Christians with Evangelism

Trust is everything. Stepping out in faith requires trust. We use the phrase “if I only” as a precursor to justify the gap between faith and action. This is especially true for evangelism. Only after stepping out in faith do Christians realize that they already have something that they never thought they possessed. One of the greatest movies of all-time exemplifies this point.  Read more »


How to Utilize a Christian’s Unfair Advantage in Evangelism

 Christians have an unfair advantage when proclaiming the gospel, but too often, we don’t take advantage of it. There is one way to do that and it makes a huge difference in our witnessing. Read more


Proclaiming the Foolishness of the Gospel

The message of God’s grace appears utterly foolish to an unbelieving world. For those who believe in Christ, it can be equally foolish when people choose to reject God’s grace. How Christians respond to rejection makes a huge difference in proclaiming the gospel.

Read more »

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