A life in Christ confidently proclaims the truth of God's Word.

Witness Well

Overcoming the fear of witnessing Christ


Anybody who shares the gospel of Jesus Christ can be considered a cross-cultural witness. When Jesus says, “Go into the world”, we do not need to go very far because the world has come to us.

The Witness Well Blog

The intent of this weblog is to encourage and inspire all of us to “Witness Well” regarding our faith in Jesus Christ through our words and actions.  Through the reliance of God’s Spirit in us and the power of God’s Word through us, we can be effective messengers of good news throughout the world.  My prayer is that we can not only Witness Well, but also have a full understanding of coming to the well of God’s Word for not only the strength and courage, but also for the message itself.

This is my first attempt at a blog and I pray that the Lord may bless it.