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Witness Well

4 ways we can worship the Lord when sharing God’s Word with others

By worshipping God in sharing God’s Word, we take the focus away from ourselves. There, we find His strength. By the power of the Holy Spirit, his strength becomes our strength.

Taking God at His Word changes tragedy into triumph

David was really ticked. He thought he was doing what God wanted him to do. He thought that God would be pleased that the Lord Almighty was to be restored with honor and reverence by transporting the ark of the covenant back to Israel. David thought that God would honor their intent even though the …

Being anointed with the oil of joy

Joy is like observing a monarch butterfly that flitters up before you in sudden and swift movements that captures your attention. But its the beauty and the bright colors that draws you in. You long for it to come and land on your outstretched finger as if to be a part of its freedom and …