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Witness Well

Power in the Name of Jesus

Every prayer is power-packed every time we pray in the name of Jesus.

Why fear causes us to reject the promises of God

“I have too much to lose to follow Christ.” The philosophy of Christ’s teachings are universally approved. His sermon on the mountain could be incorporated into any belief system. It’s one thing to accept Christ’s teachings, it’s quite to another to receive His life.

5 ways to get a person to ask questions about faith

Asking questions about faith reveals an inward desire of the heart to know God and be right with Him. In cross-cultural ministry, a significant step is achieved when you get a person to ask you a question about Christ and His Word. I have learned the hard way that you can’t force the teaching of …

A mission-minded prayer to use my circumstances for His glory

Difficult, even tragic events will come into our lives causing us to question their purpose. A young man bold in his witness of the resurrected Christ was silenced forever by the stone-throwing religious zealots. This tragedy shook the young Christian church, but God used this event for a greater purpose. The death of Stephen launched the first …