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Finding My Father in My Golf Swing

I couldn’t believe what I was watching on the video!

Five ways a disciple of Christ looks at fruit

The secret of living a godly life is that there is no secret. And when we don’t live a godly life, it’s no secret either. Everybody knows…. even Christ.

Experiencing joy in sowing God’s Word

God’s ambassadors sow the seeds of God’s Word by delivering an all-important message. Christians take joy when those seeds take root and a person comes to faith by the power of the Holy Spirit. There is joy in the harvest and we are reminded that joy can also be found in the act of sowing.

Expectations that Jesus has for each of us

We all have expectations. We go to a restaurant and we expect to have a good meal. We go to a movie and expect to enjoy it. We have expectations on how people respond to us. And when those expectations are not met, we become disappointed. To be disappointed is understandable. In the same way, Jesus has expectations of us. When …