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Are you a John 15 Christian?

Are you a John 15 Christian? What is a John 15 Christian?

In rememberance of me

Tokens of friendship and pictures of loved ones serve as reminders of what is most important in life. People. Gravestones mark the departure of loved ones. Memorials honor the service and sacrifice from others. Rings remember covenant promises. We pause to remember. We strive to be remembered.

The word “discourage” is not in God’s vocabulary

The word “discourage” is not in God’s vocabulary. If left unchecked, discouragement can arrive unexpectedly like a heavy frost. The tentacles of frozen air can encapsulate life and stifle it’s blossom. Courageous enthusiasm that brings color to one’s life is replaced by fear, worry, and anxiety. Disappointment tends to breed discouragement. We expect one thing …