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Witness Well

Kathleen’s journey to the truth of God’s Word

God eventually led Kathleen into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ only a few years ago. The same Christian man who helped her leave Mormonism is now her husband. She encourages Christians to be patient, loving, and persistent when witnessing to Mormons. A huge hurdle is discovering the contradiction between the Bible and 2 Nephi 25:23 (Book of Mormon) where it says that God’s grace is only sufficient after all you can do.

Growing up in a polygamist community to faith in Christ

I grew up in the Allred Group, a fundamentalist Mormon group in Utah, believing in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.

The Power of Taking God at His Word

It was in God’s Word where I saw my depravity and knew I deserved to be ground to dust on judgment day and cast into the lake of fire forever. I then understood the awesomeness of our God to stoop down from his throne and die for me. …I still belong to the Mormon Church and attend its services even though I no longer believe in its teachings and have become a Christian. The people at the Mormon Church do not know that I don’t believe in it anymore. Some are aware that I know the Scriptures (Bible) decent but I don’t believe they know my true feelings.

A Christian’s reflection on touring the LDS temple in Boise

Buildings are man-made, however, and upon reflection, what touched my heart the most throughout the tour, even from our arrival, was the amount of LDS volunteers and hosts there were at the temple that day, all dressed in black and smiling.

Pictures of Beyeperfect.org bus shelter ads in Provo, Utah

On Monday morning, July 9th, a total of nineteen bus shelter ads in Provo, Utah unveiled a brand new website from Truth in Love Ministry entitled, www.beyeperfect.org.  This website joyfully proclaims the truth of God’s Word that we are already perfect and worthy in Christ Jesus. I have had the privilege and joy of helping design and …

Overcoming the Fear of Witnessing Christ part 2

When the thought of witnessing Christ to others, we have a tendency to shrink back in fear. We easily succumb to our sinful flesh. To combat fear, we are given a solution in God’s Word.  One of those solutions is to exercise our faith. The Apostle Paul encourages us to “work out our salvation” (Phil. …


Overcoming the fear of witnessing Christ

Have you ever experienced fear in sharing the message of Christ? Do you battle with guilt from missed opportunities to share our faith? A neighbor makes a flippant comment about the Christian faith and we are tongue-tied. A conversation about Jesus Christ around the water-cooler makes us nervous and awkward. Knowing eyes turn toward us for a response and we only mumble a feeble reply. Mormon missionaries knock on our door at just the wrong time. We’re tired, we’re busy and we make excuses, hoping they will go away. Doesn’t this sound familiar? We get nervous, fearful, and struggle with feelings of inadequacy and the guilt of being unprepared. How do we overcome this?