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Witness Well

Evangelists have the best seats in the house

There are box seats in baseball stadiums and prime seats on the 50-yard line. They are not only the best seats to see all of the action, but they are expensive and prestigious. What are the best seats in the kingdom of heaven?

Proclaiming the gospel requires getting out of the boat

We are familiar with the story of Jesus walking on water during a dark, stormy night and granting Peter’s bold request to join him. Bible teachers point to Peter’s lack of focusing on Christ as the cause of him sinking underneath the waves. Even though this lesson is true, believers may miss another important lesson …

Confessions of a Sinful Evangelist

Is failing to proclaim the gospel a sin? If a Christian does not attempt to fulfill the Great Commission… is that a sin? These thoughts have gnawed at my conscience. Layers of guilt tend to pile up over missed opportunities. God provides a remedy. He not only clears consciences with full forgiveness of our sins, …

Five benefits a calm spirit can do in a rising storm

There is something majestic upon seeing a small, still lake in the mountains. Calm waters reflect the beautiful surroundings and the towering images of jagged mountain peaks. Peace transcends from the calm water and quiets our soul.

How being is far more important than doing in our walk with Christ

Our human nature is prone to building our identity around something outside of God. No matter which path we take, it winds up on a dead end street.

Finding My Father in My Golf Swing

I couldn’t believe what I was watching on the video!

Practicing a New Identity

Faith in Christ is not necessarily proclaiming an allegiance, or even making a commitment, but putting on a new identity. The mythical figure of Sherlock Holmes was a master of disguise. Brilliant in deduction, Sherlock acknowledged the need for information. Obtaining truth sometimes required a transformation of identity. He needed to mesh into the environment. …

Why fear causes us to reject the promises of God

“I have too much to lose to follow Christ.” The philosophy of Christ’s teachings are universally approved. His sermon on the mountain could be incorporated into any belief system. It’s one thing to accept Christ’s teachings, it’s quite to another to receive His life.