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Witness Well

The privilege of being God’s ambassadors

By being in Christ and through Christ, ambassadors become aware of opportunities the Lord provides to share God’s message of reconciliation. Instead of a burden to carry out this commission, it becomes an adventure that can be filled with joy. For ambassadors know that their message from the King has an eternal bearing on every soul.

Does being a Christian mean you always have to be nice?

What is interesting is that Jesus never suggested that the essence of Christianity means that you have to be nice or tolerant to people. Jesus Christ himself provides a good example. On one hand, he is approachable, forgiving, and loving. On the other hand, he had a tendency to offend and upset people.

Reflections from Waldport: How stumps on the beach proclaim grace

Like a weathered stump spit out from the sea, we are completely dead in sin. With no chance of life, a miracle is needed to bring back to life. In Christ, a miracle is provided. The Spirit of the Lord provided him wisdom and understanding into the depths of God’s nature and grace; counsel and power to advise what people need most; knowledge and fear to be concerned and aware of what the Lord desires.

Conquering Giants

When the challenge is massive, the best solution can be a simple one. God likes to take a few to reach the many. He uses the simple to accomplish the miracle. Whether it’s a few loaves of bread and a few fish to feed thousands, marching around Jericho seven times before hollering, or sending home tens of thousands from Gideon’s army for a few hundred faithful men, God works best when the odds are stacked up against him.

A last shred of hope when God doesn’t heal

The last shred of hope. A hand reaching out to touch the edge of his robe. A request to heal a favored servant from a Roman centurion. The eyes see, the lame walk, and the body breaks free from demonic possession. These were desperate people in great need of a Healer. Years of failed remedies …

Talking everlasting life in a season of distraction

“In order to evangelize today, we must address the human condition at its point of felt need– conscience, guilt, dealing with others, finding a purpose for staying alive.  Talking about the abundant life or life everlasting often just won’t do it.”   (Charles Colson) The last of the autumn leaves are falling to the ground outside …

What Peter could of said on the night Jesus was betrayed

Who do you say I am?  When Jesus looked at me right in the face – his eyes conveyed an earnest I’ve not seen before, it was if my heart and my soul lay exposed for the world to see.  Who are you? I thought.  Who else can you be?  I have seen first-hand the …

What would Andrew say on the night Jesus was betrayed

We continue the series on examining what each disciple could have said when they left the upper room on the night Jesus was betrayed.  Today, we hear from Andrew: “Could this be the end?  At least two or three times before tonight, Jesus has told us that he was going to be betrayed, be killed …