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Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas: The Word works

Words are important. They convey feelings, opinions, and facts. Words are powerful. They hurt, implore, and inspire. Out of love, God sent His Word to bring salvation. The Word became flesh so that we may receive the Truth and the Life. It is that powerful. It is that important. During Christmas, we ponder and marvel …

Fuel for the Weekend

The Christmas story in Revelation 12.

Fuel for the Weekend

Mormon missionaries came to my house last week and invited me to watch a Christmas message on-line. Entitled “The First Gift of Christmas,” this short two and half minute You Tube video gives a heartwarming message that attempts to incorporate John 3:16.  (www.mormon.org/christmas)

The mystery and power of Christ reveals itself in Christmas

Gideon. Samson. David. Samuel. Old Testament heroes whose faith conquered kingdoms.  Ordinary men who gained extraordinary victories against all odds. They achieved what was promised. Weaknesses were turned into strengths. They unlocked a great mystery of experiencing and receiving the power of God. They trusted His promises. They took God at His Word.

How wildflowers teach us three spiritual lessons in the darkness of winter

Several inches of new snow has fallen overnight.  I look out the window and see our lamp on the front lawn stick its head out of our rose bush to give light. This is the scene that the most hearty of Christmas enthusiasts long for. I’m one of those strange men that enjoy shoveling snow when …

Keeping Watch at Night – A Christmas reflection

When the angels appeared to the shepherds on that night the Christ child was born, the ordinary suddenly became extraordinary. The heavens lit up and the spiritual realm that remains hidden to human eyes was revealed in all its splendor. Both terrifying and wonderful, the shepherds were given a light show that surpasses all imagination. But what transcended the appearance of the heavenly host was the message itself. The Christ had come lying in a manger in the town of Bethlehem. Just like the prophets foretold. God had kept his promise. Our Savior had been born.

What did the shepherds see that night?

End of the world projections or predictions of when Christ will return have come and gone. Even the disciples fully expected Christ’s return in their lifetimes and may have often looked up into the heavens waiting for Jesus to descend and take his rule. Expectations are a good thing. There will be a time when all people will meet with Christ face-to-face. Some with joy and many with fear. And like the Bible teaches, those who trust in Christ can wait with expectation and preparedness.

The genealogy of the virgin Mary: a picture of grace

The list is endless of God choosing the most unlikely of candidates, including the twelve apostles, to carry out amazing purposes. Why couldn’t the same be applied to Mary? Perhaps she wasn’t the most popular girl in town, maybe she wasn’t particularly pretty, maybe she led a simple life without any amazing gifts, except for one thing: she believed in God. And that was all God looked for.