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Proclaiming the Foolishness of the Gospel

The message of God’s grace appears utterly foolish to an unbelieving world. For those who believe in Christ, it can be equally foolish when people choose to reject God’s grace. How Christians respond to rejection makes a huge difference in proclaiming the gospel.

Is Wearing a Cross a True Proclamation of Faith?

How do Christians identify themselves in a way the world understands? When we wear crosses, apply a bumper sticker to our car, or even display a tattoo, are we conveying a message of the cross or simply staking our identity?

Finding reality in God’s forgiveness

The rising of the sun chases away the morning mist and provides a picture of how God forgives our sins and remembers our offenses no more. The cross is not only a symbol of Christ’s sacrifice, but it’s a reminder of God’s faithfulness and forgetfulness.

The Apple of God’s Eye

A father plunks a small child onto his lap and proclaims, “You are the apple of my eye.” A simple phrase. Hidden underneath these words are depths of meaning that exposes a tender heart absorbed by love. It is a proclamation of a promise to protect and to provide. They are words that are choked …

The fellowship of sharing in our sufferings

With Christ’s righteousness and his love dwelling in our hearts, there will be a desire to grow in our knowledge of Him. We will thirst for truth as plants thirst for moisture in the morning dawn. A deep passion awakens within us to grow in Christ and experience his resurrection power available to us through the Holy …

How great is our God?

Once in a while, you come across a message that speaks right to your heart and soul. I happened to watch a DVD entitled, “How Great is Our God?” by Louie Giglio. It is a wonderful presentation on the wonders of God especially when we examine the universe and how God put our body together. …

I RISE TODAY: An Old Celtic Prayer

I RISE TODAY:  An Old Celtic Prayer  I rise today in the power’s strength, invoking the Trinity believing in threeness, confessing the oneness, of creation’s Creator.  I rise today in the power of Christ’s birth and baptism, in the power of his crucifixion and burial, in the power of his rising and ascending, in the …

Living out the message of the cross

For Christ did not die on the cross to defend our rights. He died so we can be right with God.