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Witness Well

Five ways a disciple of Christ looks at fruit

The secret of living a godly life is that there is no secret. And when we don’t live a godly life, it’s no secret either. Everybody knows…. even Christ.

How to experience the adventure of sharing God’s Word with others

Sometimes people have the wrong idea of what it means to be an effective witness. We have a tendency to measure an effective witness by whether or not a person comes to faith or not. But the Bible teaches a much different understanding. An effective witness presents the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is understood by the hearer, regardless of a person’s response. For example, Noah was an effective witness even though his hearers didn’t believe him. Christians are ambassadors for Christ who have been mandated to carry an all-important message. The responsibility of how the hearers respond to the message is not the ambassador’s responsibility. The effectiveness of their responsibility is simply to deliver the message. How a hearer responds becomes the responsibility of the work of the Holy Spirit and whether or not the hearer accepts or rejects is message. With this understanding, the pressure is off the ambassador.

Thaddeus on the night Jesus was betrayed

All of the disciples of Jesus Christ had dispersed from the upper room.  They heard the words “death” and “betrayal”.  Their thoughts and emotions must have been running high on the night Jesus was betrayed.  To continue this series, I wonder what one of the disciples named Thaddeus must have thought.  We don’t know much …

James the lesser on the night Jesus was betrayed

What were the disciples thinking when they each left the upper room on the night Jesus was betrayed.  In this series, I am attempting to examine the thoughts of each disciple based on their experience, personality and background.  Today, we can examine James — the lesser — and what he could have thought on that …

Simon the Zealot on the night Jesus was betrayed

When the disciples dispersed after the Lord’s Supper in the Upper Room, I wonder what each of the disciples were thinking from the words expressed by Jesus.  Perhaps, Simon the Zealot, would have said the following; “I had such dreams.  Dreams of a better life.  Living in a free land no longer under Roman rule.  …

Defining A Man’s Pursuit for Greatness

Jesus told the disciples, “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all.”  (Mark 10:43-44) When we consider great men throughout history, we tend to think of them as talented over-achievers who accomplished great things. Is being considered “great” a common desire among all …