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God’s Word serves like bones for our body

The Importance of God’s Word serves like bones for our body The strength of a building rests in its foundation. Secured firmly into the ground, it’s frame provides shape and form.  The human body is designed in the same way. Hundreds of bones, some large and others small, branch out from the torso to provide shape and …

The mystery and power of Christ reveals itself in Christmas

Gideon. Samson. David. Samuel. Old Testament heroes whose faith conquered kingdoms.  Ordinary men who gained extraordinary victories against all odds. They achieved what was promised. Weaknesses were turned into strengths. They unlocked a great mystery of experiencing and receiving the power of God. They trusted His promises. They took God at His Word.

Promises from God worth sharing with others

The whole teaching of the Bible asserts and implies the following promises:

Installing anti-virus programs into your spiritual life

In the vast interiors of China, generations of peasant farmers work their fields to eke out a living. They long for an easier life. Dreams for their children’s prospects dissipate with each passing harvest. One day, a man from the city comes to visit the village. He brings a message of promise and hope for …

The keys toward attaining God’s standard of obedience

When God spoke to Moses we immediately think of the Ten Commandments. People tend to  think that God only desires our obedience, but there is something more. God gave many promises to Moses, before he gave commands. It is God’s desire for us to remember these promises. They are not only the words of salvation …