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Witness Well

Do not be afraid – Do not fear

I am a person who likes to have all my ducks in a row – I pack early for a trip, I meal plan and make my grocery list accordingly, I like math because I can find an answer, before my kids leave for college or end their visit home, I plan when I’ll see …

Experiencing the Promise of the Great Commission

The original design was perfect. Humans were created in God’s perfect image for one purpose – to bring Him glory.

Day Eight: Mission to Utah Video Journal

Mission to Utah video journal Day One

Is Wearing a Cross a True Proclamation of Faith?

How do Christians identify themselves in a way the world understands? When we wear crosses, apply a bumper sticker to our car, or even display a tattoo, are we conveying a message of the cross or simply staking our identity?

The One Secret for a Christian to Prosper

Our human nature gravitates towards what is fleeting in this world. Comfort, security, and contentment dominate our thoughts and inspire our pursuits. Like wisps of fog that gather on ocean beaches in the morning — burning off with the rising sun — our yearnings, dreams, and desires arise each day – prompting worry, delaying contentment, …

Defining the Rallying Cry for Evangelism in Today’s World

I’m glad God doesn’t use a control-alt-delete button. Frustrated by sin and persistent unbelief from the world, I could understand the desire to purge, to wipe out previous data, and to begin again. If I were Dave Almighty, I think the great flood would have occurred twenty-three times already. But God is far more merciful …

A message of grace and warning for the most important day in our life

Grace and redemption abound within the words of the gospel. There are also strong messages of warning. For those who think they are good enough on their own will not enter heaven. No eternal reward awaits those who believe they have earned it. The kingdom of heaven is humanly impossible to attain — and Jesus makes …