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Witness Well

How God Prompts Us to Deliver His Message

A still, small voice beckons our conscience. We have all heard it, haven’t we? Sometimes the voice prompts us to pray. Sometimes the voice prompts us to act — to pick up the phone, send a text, or initiate a conversation. And sometimes, that still, small voice is prompting us to deliver a very important …

Inspired by my parents to pray for the lost

Sometimes God allows circumstances in the lives of loved ones that causes us to reflect on those relationships.

Proclaiming Christ by Sharing the Heart of God

“Nothing you do can make God love you more. Nothing you do can make God love you less.” “God is the initiator of full forgiveness. He desires a relationship with us that is reconciled and restored.” These words convey the heart of God. It is a message that registers for people who are seeking His …

Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow

Why does God call on Christians to share the gospel message to the world? To answer this question, we must stand on the edge of tomorrow to gain an eternal perspective.

Evangelism for Introverts

The thought of sharing our faith with others typically causes fear to clutch the throats of most Christians. Guilt will often plague the consciences for those who recall the number of missed opportunities to spread the gospel.

What Kind of Trail?

Driving west out of Idaho into Oregon, the interstate generally follows the old Oregon Trail route. Oregon does a great job of marking the old trail by placing white posts about every quarter mile. It is fun to follow it along as you drive the interstate.

3 Answers to Preserve Our Life when Confronting Life’s Storms

When fears rise up like an angry storm, who can we turn to for help?

Life lessons I learned from Johnny Carson

At a time when television was the social media of the day, only a few kings emerged to rule and influence millions. Johnny Carson was one of those kings.