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Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas: The Word Entrusts

Before time began… was the Word. And the Word became the Light… and made his dwelling among us. The Word remains today… so that all may believe. It is the Word we celebrate every Christmas – there, wrapped in cloths, and lying in the manger. In the second of a three part series, we prepare …

Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas: The Word works

Words are important. They convey feelings, opinions, and facts. Words are powerful. They hurt, implore, and inspire. Out of love, God sent His Word to bring salvation. The Word became flesh so that we may receive the Truth and the Life. It is that powerful. It is that important. During Christmas, we ponder and marvel …

How the Awe of God Draws us to Proclaim His Name

I downloaded a star chart on my tablet this week. It maps the stars and solar systems at the precise moment when they appear over my house. Like a seasoned stargazer familiar with the evening skies, the program points a finger at the constellations above that have been looked up across generations. What I see …

The One Word that Grants True Peace and Security

An ongoing battle between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Self is fought in the fields of our hearts. A word exists that can end the prolonged battle. One word that can stop the carnage of war. It is a word that runs contrary to our human nature — one that is prone …

Christians give testimonies about Praise and Proclaim Ministries

Transformed in Christ. Bold for Christ! We equip thankful hearts to declare the message of the gospel. These are the words that introduce the launching of Praise and Proclaim Ministries — but what are the words from Christians who have experienced an outreach campaign?

Forecasting Heaven

In a world clamoring for information, a reliable source is a valuable commodity. The source we choose will dictate the most important path our life can take… eternal life.

Claiming victory over the hesitancy of sharing our faith with others

In the conflicts behind sharing the message of the gospel, Christians have a tendency to see themselves as victims rather than victors. Overcoming this perception can pave the way toward exercising boldness in proclaiming the gospel message with others.

Ten Lights to Brighten Our Day

Little things matter. In the business of sharing God’s Word with others, it’s often the little things can make a difference in a person’s journey to saving faith in Christ. A kind word in a moment of sorrow. A short reference from God’s Word. A demonstration of a servant’s heart at a moment when a …