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Witness Well

Shedding God’s Light on the Consequences of Sin

Understanding God is to understand His perfect nature. The prism of light reflects a rainbow in the sky. A reminder of promises kept. Yet, there is something else. God is the source of light that brings wisdom and knowledge of who He is.

The keys toward attaining God’s standard of obedience

When God spoke to Moses we immediately think of the Ten Commandments. People tend to  think that God only desires our obedience, but there is something more. God gave many promises to Moses, before he gave commands. It is God’s desire for us to remember these promises. They are not only the words of salvation …

Taking God at His Word changes tragedy into triumph

David was really ticked. He thought he was doing what God wanted him to do. He thought that God would be pleased that the Lord Almighty was to be restored with honor and reverence by transporting the ark of the covenant back to Israel. David thought that God would honor their intent even though the …

Being a first round draft pick by God

The commissioner of the National Football League strides up to the podium with a card in his hand. With great anticipation from the packed ballroom, the commissioner announces, “With the 10th overall selection of the first round, the New Orleans Saints pick….. you.” Surrounded by family and friends in the waiting room, you smile with great delight …

Why do Christians claim the Bible is the only true holy book?

Other religions point to what we can do to achieve inner peace, better our future life or how to please God. It is only the Christian faith that boldly proclaims in the Bible what has already been done for us.