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Witness Well

The Lord is my caregiver… I lack nothing

If the Lord is my shepherd, can I really trust in him?  The familiar words of the twenty-third psalm answer this question and can resonate during times of uncertainty. The Lord paints a portrait of what it’s like… Read More

Deferring hope on a reliable source

Deferred Hope. Two words leap off the page and capture what we already believe to be true. Hope is what we cling to when disappointment sets in. Deferred is to set aside, but not forgotten. When placed together… Read More

Five Inspiring Promises to Walk in the Light

There is darkness and there is light. Out of darkness God spoke and created light. And out of the darkness of unbelief, God speaks through His Word and created the light of faith.

A new resolution means a new reflection on what we do

For those who love what we do, but sometimes find themselves overwhelmed with responsibilities, or struggle with doubts, perhaps as this year comes to a close we can examine those anxieties which can affect our work. Quite often,… Read More

A life of service begins at Jesus’ feet

Misplaced sacrifice breeds a heart of discontent. Jesus reminded Martha that truth and happiness rests in His life and the work he was about to do, not in something she was able to carry out on her own…. Read More

Experiencing joy in sowing God’s Word

God’s ambassadors sow the seeds of God’s Word by delivering an all-important message. Christians take joy when those seeds take root and a person comes to faith by the power of the Holy Spirit. There is joy in the harvest and we are reminded that joy can also be found in the act of sowing.

Being anointed with the oil of joy

Joy is like observing a monarch butterfly that flitters up before you in sudden and swift movements that captures your attention. But its the beauty and the bright colors that draws you in. You long for it to… Read More

Finding true joy and making it complete

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. It is something that we cannot generate on our own.  We seek and sometimes receive happiness, but find it so fleeting. In stark contrast, true joy touches our inner being. It’s both lasting and… Read More