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Witness Well

From Darkness to Light: Discovering God’s power to proclaim His message

The spirit of the Lord moves powerfully. His grace pursues and persists. The Word is a consuming force that breaks down the pride of unbelief and creates the miracle of faith. It is His Word that announces Christ and what He has done – it is the only means to create and nourish faith. And …

What is the first indication of turning away from Christ?

One of the greatest purposes in life is to reflect Christ’s love, goodness, and grace to a world thirsty for hope and peace. Not only are believers a product of God’s mercy and grace, but they are vessels who introduce the presence of Christ through their words, responses, and actions.

How growing in Christ is not about straining harder but surrendering fiercer

When God said, “Let there be light,” there was light. When God said, “Let there be dry ground,” there was dry ground. God’s Word created reality.

Experiencing Eternal Life in the Present

Have you always thought of receiving eternal life in the future? We sing and pray of looking forward to having eternal life in heaven with God. But, the Bible teaches there is something more behind the concept of eternal life.