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Witness Well

Ten Lights to Brighten Our Day

Little things matter. In the business of sharing God’s Word with others, it’s often the little things can make a difference in a person’s journey to saving faith in Christ. A kind word in a moment of sorrow. A short reference from God’s Word. A demonstration of a servant’s heart at a moment when a …

Teachable lesson from a rude neighbor

We were having a string of many days of temperatures over 100 degrees. The only time to take our dog out for a walk is in the earlier morning before the temps get too warm. I have been getting up, eating breakfast, and then taking the dog for a walk. Most people have left for …

The One Secret for a Christian to Prosper

Our human nature gravitates towards what is fleeting in this world. Comfort, security, and contentment dominate our thoughts and inspire our pursuits. Like wisps of fog that gather on ocean beaches in the morning — burning off with the rising sun — our yearnings, dreams, and desires arise each day – prompting worry, delaying contentment, …

A message of grace and warning for the most important day in our life

Grace and redemption abound within the words of the gospel. There are also strong messages of warning. For those who think they are good enough on their own will not enter heaven. No eternal reward awaits those who believe they have earned it. The kingdom of heaven is humanly impossible to attain — and Jesus makes …

Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow

Why does God call on Christians to share the gospel message to the world? To answer this question, we must stand on the edge of tomorrow to gain an eternal perspective.

3 Answers to Preserve Our Life when Confronting Life’s Storms

When fears rise up like an angry storm, who can we turn to for help?

Ways to examine the busyness in our life

Common sense tells us that if you want to follow someone, you can’t go faster than the one who is leading. So, who are we following?

Four lessons to help us accept that nothing happens by accident

Nothing happens by accident.