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Witness Well

Being a Light Depends on How we Listen

The Light of the world became flesh and the angels made his presence known. The Light lived, died on our behalf, and rose again. That Light is the Word — the Word made flesh — the Word that… Read More

What is the first indication of turning away from Christ?

One of the greatest purposes in life is to reflect Christ’s love, goodness, and grace to a world thirsty for hope and peace. Not only are believers a product of God’s mercy and grace, but they are vessels… Read More

Five Inspiring Promises to Walk in the Light

There is darkness and there is light. Out of darkness God spoke and created light. And out of the darkness of unbelief, God speaks through His Word and created the light of faith.

Be a Source for Truth

The art of building a good reputation still has lasting value in today’s world. We seem to live in a parched land that thirsts for noble character to stem the tide of scandal and misdeeds. And when a… Read More

Four reasons why Jesus calls himself the Light of the world

During the season of winter, storms pass through – one after another – bringing days of darkened overcast skies. The sun remains hidden behind the clouds begging to emerge to bring light and warmth. The cold dreariness hangs… Read More

How wildflowers teach us three spiritual lessons in the darkness of winter

Several inches of new snow has fallen overnight.¬† I look out the window and see our lamp on the front lawn stick its head out of our rose bush to give light. This is the scene that the… Read More