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Witness Well

Unforgettable! That’s What You Are in God’s Eyes

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the Jewish people in the days right before the birth of Christ. God had not spoken through his prophets in about 400 years. What may have people been thinking about the Lord? Do you think some started wondering if God had forgotten them? … That maybe, just maybe, …

God’s zeal for the lost is a Christian’s zeal to proclaim

God’s zeal to not remain silent is a Christian’s zeal today. His passion is our passion. His sacrificial love for all people is what sparks Christians to step out of their comfort zones and proclaim his message of salvation.

If Jesus Christ hired a PR firm, what would they tell him to do?

Can you imagine the scene if Jesus would have arrived in today’s world? An international media frenzy would gather at the shores of Lake Galilee waiting for Jesus and his band of follower to come ashore. Microphones thrust in his face, the reporters would shout out questions about his rumored miracles, his claims to be …

Adding our names to God’s family tree

With this understanding, we begin to see ourselves in this family tree. By faith, we are sons and daughters of God. By faith, we are adopted into a family. By faith, our names are now attached to this genealogical record. His-story now becomes my-story. When personalized, the genealogies of the Bible now become more interesting. Our names are attached to them.

James the lesser on the night Jesus was betrayed

What were the disciples thinking when they each left the upper room on the night Jesus was betrayed.  In this series, I am attempting to examine the thoughts of each disciple based on their experience, personality and background.  Today, we can examine James — the lesser — and what he could have thought on that …