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Witness Well

Discovering big breaks come in small packages

One of the greatest promises God gives – and one of the hardest to trust – is that God’s hand is in everything. How do we make that promise real?

Are you tired of living with pigs?

I’m wondering if evangelists could use the following invitation to proclaim the gospel: Are you tired of living with pigs?

Four reminders on how all Christians can be competent evangelists

The Lord set forth a mission – a strategic plan – to rescue a fallen world from the consequences of sin. The plan centers around a clear message. The strategy is to incorporate the church to transmit this message to the world. Why do we as Christians have such a difficult time carrying this plan …

The Word made flesh entrusts believers with the gospel

Before time began… was the Word. The Word became the Light… and made his dwelling among us. The Word remains today… so that all people may believe in him. It is the Word we celebrate every Christmas – he is there, wrapped in cloths, and lying in the manger. The Word made flesh entrusts believers …

What is God’s primary goal for his church?

We all have goals. Companies set goals to increase sales. Football teams set goals to win championships. What about God? What primary goal does he set for his church?

Fuel for the Weekend

Adorned with precious jewels, a keepsake locked under key, trust is a valuable word that is not given away freely. Trust is not meant to be an artifact, preserved and protected — kept under glass. It is a key for freedom by unlocking yourself to experience love in its truest form.

Why fear causes us to reject the promises of God

“I have too much to lose to follow Christ.” The philosophy of Christ’s teachings are universally approved. His sermon on the mountain could be incorporated into any belief system. It’s one thing to accept Christ’s teachings, it’s quite to another to receive His life.

A prayer of thanksgiving for those who support a ministry

Personal notes and emails of appreciation along with ongoing prayers for the work being done are like diamonds that glisten in the sun. They are priceless. Sometimes the Lord uses these words at a perfect time. When trials and difficulty parch the soul, words of encouragement bring much needed nourishment to revitalize the commitment, effort, and passion it takes to carry out ministry.