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Witness Well

“You did what?”

“You did what?”  I asked my husband. He had been out walking and had met two Mormon Sister Missionaries. He’d invited them to come and talk with us about the LDS faith. “Don’t worry,” he said, “You just provide the snacks and I’ll do the talking.” 

Out of Our Comfort Zone

“Sharing God’s Word with Mormon missionaries was completely out of my comfort zone.” When Melissa attended a seminar, “Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons” conducted by Truth in Love Ministry, she left both encouraged and intrigued. After the seminar, she began praying, “Lord, if Mormon missionaries appear at my door, I will let them …

How Mormon missionaries are providing Christians new opportunities to share God’s Word

“So, why did you become missionaries?” I asked my two Mormon missionaries who came to our house recently. “It was something I felt I needed to do, plus I couldn’t find a job after high school,” replied the nineteen year old young man from New York.  “I just felt it was important for me to …

The Four R’s in sharing God’s Word with Mormon missionaries

I truly believe that Mormon missionaries are reachable! The Holy Spirit can use you to plant the seed of God’s Word in their hearts. In fact, ex-Mormons who became Christian cite the simple witness of a Christian while they were on their missions as an important component of their coming to the true faith.