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Witness Well

How the Awe of God Draws us to Proclaim His Name

I downloaded a star chart on my tablet this week. It maps the stars and solar systems at the precise moment when they appear over my house. Like a seasoned stargazer familiar with the evening skies, the program points a finger at the constellations above that have been looked up across generations. What I see …

Five ways to test God to help deepen our trust in Him

The reality of Christ living in us is not about how we feel from day-to-day, but how we are resting in God’s promises. We taste and see His grace by the fruits of His Spirit within us. They take visible form in how we respond to life with a measure of patience, joy, peace, and …

Do not be afraid – Do not fear

I am a person who likes to have all my ducks in a row – I pack early for a trip, I meal plan and make my grocery list accordingly, I like math because I can find an answer, before my kids leave for college or end their visit home, I plan when I’ll see …

The One Secret for a Christian to Prosper

Our human nature gravitates towards what is fleeting in this world. Comfort, security, and contentment dominate our thoughts and inspire our pursuits. Like wisps of fog that gather on ocean beaches in the morning — burning off with the rising sun — our yearnings, dreams, and desires arise each day – prompting worry, delaying contentment, …

The Most Important Word Jesus Gives to Today’s Christians

If Jesus could use one word to offer encouragement and hope for Christians in today’s world – I suggest it would be this: “Watch!”

Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow

Why does God call on Christians to share the gospel message to the world? To answer this question, we must stand on the edge of tomorrow to gain an eternal perspective.

9 huge blessings credited to a righteous man

A man who places his trust in the completed work of Christ is declared righteous by the Lord. Like Abraham, his faith is credited to him with the status of righteousness. From Psalm 112, we can put together a list of blessings that goes with every righteous man.

Fuel for the Weekend

Faith fixes our eyes on what is unseen (heaven) and the life that is hidden with Christ in God.