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Evangelism and Politics

I imagine that if Christ were here today, he would be more concerned about finding lost souls rather than trying to elect public officials, seating the right person on the Supreme Court, or changing public policies.

Can a Christian vote for a Mormon in the U.S. Presidential Election?

The following is a popular article from the fall newsletter of Truth in Love Ministry newsletter (www.tilm.org). This is a ministry dedicated to reaching out to Mormons and it gives a perspective on the upcoming presidential election.

The Courageous Faith of Senator Mark Hatfield

While serving in an inner city ministry in St. Paul, Minnesota, I became very good friends with an African-American pastor.  He was a long-time member of the Democratic party and was very active in working campaigns throughout the city.  Growing up in the South during the 1960’s, he knew first-hand the tragedies of discrimination.  As …

The Apostle Paul’s thoughts on ambition and politics in the church

Ambitious people run for political office. The time commitment and the organization of a campaign require a tremendous amount of energy and passion. For many, a particular issue or concern is what causes them to embark on running for an office for the sole purpose of making a difference. But what if politics is applied outside running …