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Witness Well

Power in the Name of Jesus

Every prayer is power-packed every time we pray in the name of Jesus.

God’s Stocking Gifts

Christmas is fast approaching! I was out buying stocking gifts this weekend and enjoying finding little things – keeping the person in mind – wanting to please and bring smiles. There certainly is joy in giving!

Burrows and Bereans

A burrow and two goats now live on the other side of the fence behind our house. I am enjoying having them back there – talking to them when I’m in the back yard, hearing the goats bleat, watching their activity. One of the first nights the burrow was back there, it must have been sleeping by …

Be an Answer to Someone’s Prayer

As I am reading through the Old Testament, I have come to the books of the Chronicles. The first nine chapters of 1 Chronicles is a listing of genealogies – nine chapters! That is longer than some of the books of the Bible!

Two lessons on evangelism for the tongue-tied

Evangelism can be a scary word. I refer to it as the E-word because its frightening. It makes us feel unsafe.

Grabbing Opportunies and Entrusting the Results to God

How can they call on Him unless they believe in Him?  How can they believe in Him unless they hear about Him?  How can they hear about Him unless someone preaches to them?  And how can anyone preach without being sent?  It is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” (Romans …

The word “discourage” is not in God’s vocabulary

The word “discourage” is not in God’s vocabulary. If left unchecked, discouragement can arrive unexpectedly like a heavy frost. The tentacles of frozen air can encapsulate life and stifle it’s blossom. Courageous enthusiasm that brings color to one’s life is replaced by fear, worry, and anxiety. Disappointment tends to breed discouragement. We expect one thing …

Exercising faith amidst the rising sun

The new sun splashes the vast horizon announcing its arrival. A new day — one ordained by God — has been granted to us. Another day of grace extended to souls.