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Witness Well

3 Answers to Preserve Our Life when Confronting Life’s Storms

When fears rise up like an angry storm, who can we turn to for help?

Finding the fingerprints of God in my life

Early in the morning while visiting the wine country of California, my host had a surprise for me.

Be an Answer to Someone’s Prayer

As I am reading through the Old Testament, I have come to the books of the Chronicles. The first nine chapters of 1 Chronicles is a listing of genealogies – nine chapters! That is longer than some of the books of the Bible!

Promises from God worth sharing with others

The whole teaching of the Bible asserts and implies the following promises:

4 ways we can worship the Lord when sharing God’s Word with others

By worshipping God in sharing God’s Word, we take the focus away from ourselves. There, we find His strength. By the power of the Holy Spirit, his strength becomes our strength.

How God grants the desires of our heart and make plans succeed

When we reflect upon our lives and see the hand of God carefully crafting and directing us according to his purpose and will, we come upon a different story that reflects God’s mercy and grace. Despite ourselves, it’s amazing how God’s will has a way to overrule our heart’s desire. God’s plans circumvents our plans. Yet, in doing so, God’s mercy and grace proceeds to give us far more than our hearts could have ever imagined.

The parable of the Monopoly game

“The silver is mine and the gold is mine,” declares the Lord Almighty.”  (Haggai 2:8) The following is a story by Bob Russell: A few years ago our family got involved in a game of Monopoly. I was on a roll. First time around I stopped on Illinois Avenue and Park Place and bought them …

A prayer on how to be an effective spokesman for God

Sometimes, words get stuck at the end of our tongue and we just can’t quite grasp a hold of it to share.  It is during these times that we wish we had a spokesman to speak for us.  Christians do have a spokesman and something we will investigate further as we continue our series, “Prayers …