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Witness Well

God uses our “small turfs of grass” to answer big prayers

It’s funny how much smaller everything looks then what you remember as a child. It reminded me how often we tend to miss a big God in the smallness of everyday life.

How God acts as our safety net

When life seems to get too complicated or the storms of difficult circumstances become too much, we are reminded that we have a safety net.

How God grants the desires of our heart and make plans succeed

When we reflect upon our lives and see the hand of God carefully crafting and directing us according to his purpose and will, we come upon a different story that reflects God’s mercy and grace. Despite ourselves, it’s amazing how God’s will has a way to overrule our heart’s desire. God’s plans circumvents our plans. Yet, in doing so, God’s mercy and grace proceeds to give us far more than our hearts could have ever imagined.