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Witness Well

Shining Our Light When We Are Feeling Dim

The Light of this world came upon the darkness of this earth to make His glory known. He was the light of the promised Messiah which was foretold, “the people living in darkness have seen a great light.” By trusting in God’s promises a person receives the Light. By remaining in the Light, a believer …

The One Word that Grants True Peace and Security

An ongoing battle between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Self is fought in the fields of our hearts. A word exists that can end the prolonged battle. One word that can stop the carnage of war. It is a word that runs contrary to our human nature — one that is prone …

Five ways to test God to help deepen our trust in Him

The reality of Christ living in us is not about how we feel from day-to-day, but how we are resting in God’s promises. We taste and see His grace by the fruits of His Spirit within us. They take visible form in how we respond to life with a measure of patience, joy, peace, and …

Defining God’s Presence is Like the Air We Breathe

A promise is given to all who have placed their trust in His Name. If our time on earth is just a breath compared to eternity, can we grasp the biblical encouragement, “in just a little while?”

Fuel for the Weekend

The rural plains of South Dakota invites a life that allows a person to focus on what’s most important in life — faith and family.

How to Process Hope When We Hear Disturbing News

The disciples gather around the table to prepare to eat another supper. But, this was not going to be an ordinary meal. Jesus was going to share some shocking news that will rattle their faith and confuse these men who have faithfully followed him throughout Galilee.

Fuel for the Weekend

I overheard a radio announcer this morning talk about why people today complain so much – especially over matters which seem so inconsequential.

Fuel for the Weekend

The Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday is over.  Another Black Friday is in the records.  I have a suggestion for another day to add to this week. Slumber Saturday.