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9 huge blessings credited to a righteous man

A man who places his trust in the completed work of Christ is declared righteous by the Lord. Like Abraham, his faith is credited to him with the status of righteousness. From Psalm 112, we can put together a list of blessings that goes with every righteous man.

Which is better – a deathbed conversion or trying to live a godly life?

The answer may not be as obvious as you think. And that’s just it. It all depends on how you think. Do you approach life and your relationship with Christ as an elder brother or a younger brother?

Contrasting the religion of works with the gospel of grace

In the pursuit of righteousness before God, pangs of guilt and doubt clouds our understanding of our relationship with Him. We are far more prone to understand God based on our own terms, or experiences, or what seems fair.

Does obedience define an authentic Christian?

An authentic faith reveals itself in words and actions, but does obedience define an authentic Christian?

Are you perfect in Christ?

What is your definition of a Christian? With a word that contains a variety of connotations, I believe the Bible defines a Christian in one short statement: One who is already perfect in Christ. Do you agree?

Why fear causes us to reject the promises of God

“I have too much to lose to follow Christ.” The philosophy of Christ’s teachings are universally approved. His sermon on the mountain could be incorporated into any belief system. It’s one thing to accept Christ’s teachings, it’s quite to another to receive His life.

How to set spiritual goals that receive God’s approval

People are sometimes inspired to set goals for themselves. Resolutions are made at the beginning of each year that are designed to improve a person’s well being. Some goals are associated with career and some seek to increase their wealth. Whatever the goal, a measure of sacrifice and discipline is required to accomplish them. What about …