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Witness Well

Are you perfect in Christ?

What is your definition of a Christian? With a word that contains a variety of connotations, I believe the Bible defines a Christian in one short statement: One who is already perfect in Christ. Do you agree?

Five Inspiring Promises to Walk in the Light

There is darkness and there is light. Out of darkness God spoke and created light. And out of the darkness of unbelief, God speaks through His Word and created the light of faith.

Living Courageously: How to discover freedom from a complaining heart

Freedom experiences the presence of the Holy Spirit by placing our dependence upon Him. By exercising trust, we receive opportunities to grow in our knowledge of God. Adversity then becomes one of the greatest gifts God gives us to exercise our trust in Him.

Are you passing God’s test for eternal life in heaven?

A loving God desires that His creation to be at peace. In that peace, comes joy, confidence and assurance of his approval. It’s a plan that defies human reason and required a great sacrifice. This plan not only identifies man’s purpose in this mortal life, but will insure that God will remember you on Judgment Day.

If Jesus Christ hired a PR firm, what would they tell him to do?

Can you imagine the scene if Jesus would have arrived in today’s world? An international media frenzy would gather at the shores of Lake Galilee waiting for Jesus and his band of follower to come ashore. Microphones thrust in his face, the reporters would shout out questions about his rumored miracles, his claims to be …

In sharing God’s Word, remember how Jericho’s walls came tumbling down

When sharing God’s Word with others who appear disinterested or hostile to God, sometimes people focus on the walls and not the people. “They are unreachable!” we try to convince ourselves. “Their walls of false teaching are too high! Their hearts are impenetrable!”

When Christ’s history becomes our history

Sometimes a Christian will explain their faith journey as “walking in Christ.” For many of us, however, our walk seems more like a crawl. Even then, we miss the point God is trying to teach us in Scriptures.  In Galatians 2:20 we read, “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives …

Why did Jesus have to die for us?

I am not able to adequately explain how Jesus is both God and man to satisfy human reason, nor convince scientifically how His death pardons me. However, in this one act, God redeemed the whole world. God, the perfect Judge, passed out a sentence for all of man’s crimes (sins). Jesus, by being sinless and entirely innocent, satisfied …