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Witness Well

My Mother’s Faith

My mother passed away last year. She had Alzheimer’s – a dreadful disease. It robs people of their memories. It robs them of their personality. Eventually, it robs them of their lives.

What prompts a Christian’s obedience that is God pleasing?

The Bible is not about commands to be followed, but the lengths our Heavenly Father went to rescue us from ourselves.

Returning from the front

Fred stopped and settled his big duffle bag on the hard gravel road. He knew that in a matter of seconds a massive black dog would be exploding out of the darkness.

What prompts our obedience to follow God’s commandments?

Growing up during the depression, Fred learned at an early age the importance of hard work and working together as a team. Living on a farm a few miles west outside of Herington, Kansas, a farm family depended upon each other even during the best of times. But during the 1930’s, a farm family in the Midwest learned to survive one day at a time.

Amanda’s Story: Escaping my life of Mormonism

My name is Amanda, I am 35 years old with a wonderful husband and two beautiful children. My story of escaping Mormonism begins, well, since I can remember. While growing up in the Mormon Church I never felt anything good. Never anything peaceful, nothing spiritual, nothing comforting. Most of all, I never felt the Lord …

A Miracle of Faith: Susan’s to full forgiveness in Christ

Determined to become a worthy Mormon, Susan carried out her part by being the perfect housewife, the perfect mother, fulfilling all her callings in the church, and having many babies. Exhaustion and feelings of being overwhelmed were her constant companions. She strove to become perfect, but knew she fell far short. Guilt plagued her life. Mormonism to her was like a demanding parent, she never felt like she was doing enough to receive its approval.