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Witness Well

The keys toward attaining God’s standard of obedience

When God spoke to Moses we immediately think of the Ten Commandments. People tend to¬† think that God only desires our obedience, but there is something more. God gave many promises to Moses, before he gave commands. It is God’s desire for us to remember these promises. They are not only the words of salvation …

What prompts a Christian’s obedience that is God pleasing?

The Bible is not about commands to be followed, but the lengths our Heavenly Father went to rescue us from ourselves.

What prompts our obedience to follow God’s commandments?

Growing up during the depression, Fred learned at an early age the importance of hard work and working together as a team. Living on a farm a few miles west outside of Herington, Kansas, a farm family depended upon each other even during the best of times. But during the 1930’s, a farm family in the Midwest learned to survive one day at a time.

How God Prompts Our Obedience

I wonder what it would be like to have constant reminders on how to guard our tongue from saying something stupid or keep our sinful actions in check. I think Nissan provided us with an interesting solution. There are times that I wish my Ford would honk its horn at me whenever I was on …