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Witness Well

Evangelism means sharing our treasures

The fruit of faithfulness is rooted in Christ and nourished through his Word. It seeks to store up treasures in heaven and to generously share this treasure with others. Are we treasure savers or sowers?

Praise and Proclaim launches outreach initiative in Meridian, Idaho

A beautiful day in Meridian, Idaho greeted members from Cross of Christ Lutheran Church when they went out to proclaim the gospel and help launch a second site. It was a joy and privilege for Praise and Proclaim Ministries to help lead this effort.

Praise and Proclaim launches outreach initiative in Greenwood, IN

Evangelism is far more about God and trusting in his promises rather than relying on our own abilities to proclaim the gospel. It means trusting that God’s Word works. Praise and Proclaim Ministries rejoiced in the opportunity to partner with the pastor and members at Light of Life Lutheran Church in Greenwood, IN to launch …

Evangelists have the best seats in the house

There are box seats in baseball stadiums and prime seats on the 50-yard line. They are not only the best seats to see all of the action, but they are expensive and prestigious. What are the best seats in the kingdom of heaven?

Church Culture and Evangelism

The Bible tells Christians to be salt and light – influencers in a dark world. When it comes to evangelism it seems that the influence of culture is overshadowing the biblical commission. It’s important for Christians to identify that because it may be coming from an unexpected source… their church.

How lonely places can affect our witnessing

A busy, cluttered life distracts us from priorities and promises. Our purpose in life becomes dimmed. Believers are provided with one perfect example on how to calibrate their spiritual life that can have a significant impact on their witnessing.

12 Promises to help deepen our trust in God

Evangelism is far more about trusting God’s promises than relying on our own abilities. Those who step out in faith to share their faith with others have learned to take God at his Word. God gave promises to Abram who by faith responded in obedience. God gives promises to believers and by faith they carry …

Praise and Proclaim Ministries launches outreach initiative in Kasson, MN

Praise and Proclaim Ministries was blessed with the opportunity to partner with Our Savior Lutheran Church in Kasson, MN to launch an outreach initiative and train its members how to proclaim the gospel in their community.